Pool, Spa & Baths

Could there be a better place to pamper yourself and enjoy modern, holistic health benefits than at the traditional Badhaus at the Radisson Blu Schwarzer Bock Hotel in Wiesbaden, the oldest ...

Wellness Massages

In all cultures, massages have always been valued as a way to maintain health. Let our experienced masseurs pamper you and enjoy true relaxation in an elegant ambiance – alone or with your partner.

Peeling und Packungen - wohltuend für Körper und Haut

Body Treatments

Body packs and scrubs cleanse your skin, give it new freshness and bring it into balance. Whether a face peeling, body pack or scrub – we’ll revitalize your skin and complexion.

Beautybehandlungen für Haut, Gesicht, Augen

Beauty Treatments

Beauty for skin and face. The best natural ingredients in our renowned care ranges...

Combined Treatments

The pampering program with popular treatment modules. Allow yourself a...